11 April 2011

Recipe: Butternut and Leek Soup

I took my Cousin Lani's recipe and tweeked it a little for bulk cooking. This recipe freezes really well and can be done in the crock pot (slow cooker) or on the stove.

4 large leeks, sliced
2 large butternut squashes, cubed
2 med potatoes, cubed
3 cups chicken stock
1 tub Sour cream

In a large pot, or crock pot, add the cubed vegetables and stock
Allow to simmer until all the vegetables are tender and soft enough to puree (12 hours is best when done in the crock pot)
Puree the vegetables in a food processor with a little of the cooked stock (or right in the pot if you have a stick blender)
Add the puree to the stock in the pot and add the cream
Mix in thoroughly and stir until warmed through
Serve warm

To Freeze:
For single servings, freeze in ziplocked freezer bags
For larger portions, freeze in freezer and microwave proof containers

To Re-heat:
Pop the container/ziplocked bag in the microwave for a few minutes till warmed through, then serve with croutons


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