18 October 2010

Recipe: Pineapple Chicken

That delicious blend of pineapple sweetness and sourness in a creamy chicken dish, a taste you will surely love!


1 kilo of chicken (you can use whole chicken cut into pieces or choice of our favorite parts)
1 tsp of grated ginger
3 cloves of crushed garlic
one onion sliced
half a cup of pineapple chunks
one red bell pepper cut in cubes
2 laurel leaves (bay leaf)
1 tsp of patis (or 1 tsp of salt)
one carrot peeled and cut into cubes
1 tsp of curry powder
1/4 cup of evaporated milk
2 to 3 tbsps of cooking oil
half a glass of water


1. In a casserole put the cooking oil then sauté the ingredients starting with the garlic, add up the onion as soon as the flavour of garlic comes out.
2. Put the garlic right after the onion, continue sauteeing.
3. Then add the chicken and red bell peppers sauté for about three minutes or until the chicken has changed color on all sides.
4. Add the carrots and the pineapple. Mix well.
5. Put all the spices; pepper, patis, bay leaves, curry and the salt.
6. Put the water and let it simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes.
7. When the juice has reduced add the evaporated milk and lower the fire and continue simmering for five more minutes.

Then this dish is ready.



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