29 April 2010

Recipe: Tuna toasted sandwiches

Tuna toasted sandwiches

Preparation Time: 10 minutes.
Serves 4

8 slices soft whole-wheat bread
2 tins tuna in brine, drained
About 16 slices of cucumber
Sweet chilli sauce and light mayonnaise

Turn the snackwich machine on. On four of the slices, spread a thin layer of sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise.Place some tuna on these four slices, and then put the second slice of each sandwich over the tuna. Place these in the snackwich machine and toast until the bread becomes slightly brown. There really isn't much need to spread butter on the outsides of the bread, but if you want to put some on to make the bread go browner and crispier, use a soft margarine and only spread a very little bit on. Before serving, open the sandwiches and place the cucumber pieces inside. Cut the sandwiches into four small triangles and serve.

Tip: Apples and bananas go well with the peanut butter. If you take out the peanut butter, you can replace the fruit with any other fruits or berries that you have available.


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