01 August 2009

Lunch made fun

Teachers know that a healthy, nutritious lunch is an essential part of keeping young minds alert and energised to absorb their lessons for the remainder of the day. So to help mothers pack a delicious balanced meal, we’ve compiled this easy to follow guide to make lunch fun again.

Lunch Menu Schedule

Select your kid's favourites

Invest in a big lunchbox:

It will prevent sandwiches from being squashed, and a small non-breakable vacuum flask will keep drinks cool or soup hot. Remember, an ice pack or frozen juice box also works wonders to keep food fresh and appetising.

Avoid the early morning panic:

By preparing your lunches the night before, you can save time, get the kids involved and make lunch fun for them!

Involve them:

Next time you visit the supermarket or farm style market, take them along and get them to choose their favourite healthy foods and drinks.

Microwave magic:

If your child has a microwave at their school, it can instantly turn last night’s dinner (sealed in a spill-proof container) into tomorrow’s lunch.

Plan ahead:

Before you head to the supermarket, choose which items you want to include from each of the following categories: milk and dairy, fruit and vegetables, breads and starches, protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, and lastly, fats and oils, such as nuts.

Mix it up:

Vary their lunchtime meals by picking nutritious foods that serve different purposes, such as boosting energy, stimulating brain power or are heart-friendly. One lunch should be quick and easy to prepare, and for one day allow them to choose any of their favourite foods.

Keep it small:

Not only the servings, but the actual pieces. Simply peel and slice up fruit or veggies to prepare hassle-free, bite-sized treats.

Treat them well:

Be sure to include a small treat in their school lunchboxes like some delicious homemade cookies, crackers or even trail mix.



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