30 July 2009

Napkin know-how

Dinner Party

Winter is a great time for winter parties and entertaining friends. For your next dinner party, why not dazzle with perfectly polished napkin technique.

* Name It: Fold the napkin length ways, and then double it over. Buy "letter beads" from your local bead shop to spell out your dinner guests' names and thread them onto a thin piece of string. Cince at the "waist" of the napkin.
* Spoon It: Cut a piece of fabric band and attach it to the napkin using double-sided tape (if you're like us and are too lazy to sew!). Fold the napkin into a rectangle and slip in the spoon. Dress it up.
* Bead It: String a few pretty beads and lucky charms together or take an old necklace and wrap it around the napkin. The napkin is simply rolled and you create a tight "waist" using the necklace of beads. Fan out the bottom of the napkin to make it look like an A-line skirt.

Put a few chocolates on your place settings for a special treat.



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