28 April 2009

Our invitations are done

I've just finished printing the example and putting it "together". I"m quite chuffed with myself. We won't be sending them out just yet, we still have to finalise our guest list.





26 April 2009


We bought the pink paper, black ribbon and white blossom decorations for the invitations today. We have designed the invitations for the reception next year and I now need to re-design our save the date cards.

We also bought the thank you notes to our guests.

21 April 2009

We've moved our reception date

We have decided that we'll be getting married in front of a Wedding Officer at Home Affairs as soon as we can get a date and then have our reception on June 26th 2010. That way we can save enough money to have the type of reception we want.

Our reception will still be at North Haven Country Estate, we will just not have our wedding ceremony that day. In theory, we'll be married a year already by then :)

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